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The FHA-203(k) is a unique loan program that lets a  homebuyer or existing homeowners take that fixer-upper OR older outdated home and turn it into their “DREAM  HOME”  by financing OR re-financing that 1-to-4 family dwelling with one loan that includes both the purchase cost AND the repair or renovation costs in one loan AND allows them to do the renovation, repairs, or other improvements AFTER  they close.

After the loan is closed, the funds required for construction are deposited into a construction escrow account, and are disbursed as the construction progresses.

For most conventional mortgage loans, homebuyers buying properties in need of major repair OR even minor would have to pay for those repairs, renovation or upgrades out-of-pocket UPFRONT  AND if any of those improvements were a condition of  the financing because of  requirements in an appraisal or a home inspection, such as:  too many roofs, an old 60 amp fuse box, termite damage or a fire damaged property, THEN those repairs would have to be made PRIOR to the loan closing.

That’s why a FHA 203(k) loan is often referred to as “FHA’s Dream Loan”. The professionals at Holmes Inspection are trained and approved by FHA- 203(k) as 203(k) Consultants and certified FHA inspectors. Call Holmes Inspection Today.

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One of the best ways to evaluate the home you intend to purchase is by scheduling a Home Inspection.  You will receive prompt quality One Stop Shop Service with We can provide an in-depth inspection of the property and its systems that you are looking to buy or sell. Whether you’re relocating from another city or moving just a few blocks, call Holmes Inspection COMPANY …………….. TODAY!